About Elly Lucas:

Herquirky portraits ooze retro charm, while her deft blend of creativein-camera technique and considered post-processing belie her age andexperience” - Practical Photography Magazine

Abrilliant photographer who's getting quite a reputation in the folkworld!” - Mike Harding, BBC Radio 2

"Every time I see a new album and I look at the cover shots and think 'Those are good!' or 'Those or innovative!' or 'Those are clever!' - I look in the album notes and I go 'Oh! Elly Lucas!'" - Genevieve Tudor, BBC Radio Shropshire

"Just wanted to acknowledge Elly Lucas who did the photography for the album - it's absolutely beautiful! I love Elly's work anyway and this album is a gem." - Bob Harris on BBC Radio 2, talking about 'The Full English'

Elly Lucas is a creative freelance photographer and designer based in Sheffield, England. Specialising in portraiture, her work has been described as ethereal, vintage, folksy and, to her delight, “like waking up and remembering the last fragments of your most beautiful dreams”.

Spurred on by her fascination with people and nature, Elly shoots a broad spectrum of portrait requirements ranging from fashion to music promo to wedding photography and more. Her work has featured in a broad variety of publications including The Guardian, The Independent, fRoots Magazine and more. She's also been delighted to get the front cover and a five page feature in the April 2012 edition of Practical Photography magazine and has previously shot for the likes of PLAIN LAZY clothing and Carluccio's alongside creating a host of album & single covers.

Elly uses a Canon 5D mkIII and adores prime lenses. She also favours location portraiture and likes to do the styling at her shoots when she has time.

Reviews for Elly Lucas Photography:

"She's a wonderful photographer and fiddle player and a fantastic songwriter and singer, but she really does have an eye for a picture. You give her half an hour with someone and she's come up with these gorgeous images! But as you say, everyone who's anyone on the folk scene at the moment is getting photos by Elly and it's a great thing." - Lucy Ward (BBC Radio 2 Horizon Folk Award winner 2012, in conversation with Genevieve Tudor)

"During my singing career in the last seven years I have worked with many photographers at various events, but I can honestly say that Elly has been the most pleasant to work with. In terms of professionality she is incredibly punctual and very concise. She never makes her subjects feel uncomfortable and continually encourages them to act individually as well as portray her ideas. Kind, caring, professional and intelligent, I couldn't recommend her more for any type of photography." - Jamie Lambert (singer with Collabro)

"Elly was a pleasure to work with, friendly and professional, great with the makeup and creative side as well as the technical side. Her editing technique is beautiful and she is full of wild ideas and great conversation." - Halo Haynes (model)

"If you get a chance then you absolutely have to work with Elly. She's incredibly talented in so many ways and that really shines through in her images. Not only that, she has an awesome taste in music and makes you feel instantly comfortable." - L.E

"Elly is one of those people who has the ability to make everything feel light and fun whatever it is you may be trying to achieve. The shoot that we did together was full of giggles, exciting, easy, creative and in every sense of the word fun. I can't recommend her enough to work with, she is truly amazing at what she does and encouraging and professional in every way!" - Phoebe Eley

"Elly Lucas is absolutely fabulous at what she does and she has a real passion for it which really shows through in her work. I loved working with her and found her to be very prepared and also a great laugh." - Sara Belle

"Elly is an extremely talented photographer and has a very striking and unique edge to her work. I had my first ever modelling shoot with her, and she was so supportive and reassuring. She helped me to feel comfortable in order to achieve the best photos possible, and the results were amazing." - Erin Webster

"Absolutely fantastic girl to work with! Creative, enthusiastic and full of energy, her work is immaculate and her personality puts you at ease. Would definitely recommend her not only for her work but for herself. Definitely work with this girl if you want some stunning results!" - Sarah Blackner

Previous clients include:

Eliza Carthy & Jim Moray (Tour promo)
Bellowhead (promo & photography for "Bellowhead Live - The Farewell Tour" album)
Heidi Talbot ("Here We Go 1, 2, 3" photography)
The Elizabethan Session (documentary & promo project images)
The Full English (album photography)
Martin Simpson (promo & album photography)
The Furrow Collective (promo & EP photography)
Emily Portman (solo & trio promo images, "Coracle" album photography)
Lucy Ward ("Adelphi Has To Fly" images; photography & artwork for "Single Flame", "For The Dead Men" and "I Dreamt I Was A Bird") (various flyers & tour promo)
Nancy Kerr ("Sweet Visitor" photography)
Eliza & Martin Carthy ("The Moral Of The Elephant" album photography)
Peter Knight's Gigspanner (promo images, "Layers Of Ages" album photography)
Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar ("The Call" album photography & artwork, various promo images)
Hannah James (promo images for "JigDoll")
Kate Young (promo)
Sam Sweeney ("Made In The Great War" promo images)
The Young'uns ("When Our Grandfathers Said No" and "Never Forget" photography & artwork)
Jackie Oates (album promo)
Will Pound ("A Cut Above" album photography & artwork)
Maz O'Connor ("This Willowed Light" photography & artwork)
Mawkin ("The Ties That Bind" photography & artwork - vinyl & CD)
The Willows ("Amidst Fiery Skies" photography & artwork)
Lady Maisery (promo)
Emily Mae Winters ("Foreign Waters" & "Siren Serenade" photography & artwork)
The Askew Sisters ("In The Air Or The Earth" photography & artwork)
The James Brothers (promo)
Blair Dunlop ("Blight & Blossom" photography & artwork, "Gilded" album art)
Laura James (promo)
Hannah Sanders (promo)
Ollie King ("Gambit" and "Diffractions" photography & artwork)
Belshazzar's Feast (promo)
The Rheingans Sisters ("Glad Gold Hearts" and "Already Home" album photography & artwork)
Gren Bartley ("Songs to scythe back the overgrown" photography, promo images)
Haddo ("Homecoming" and "Borderlands" photography & artwork)
Megson ("Megson Live" & "When I Was A Lad..." photography & artwork)

fRoots Magazine (various images)
Weleda UK (various images)
Carluccio's (various images)
Sally Montague (promo / feature images for salon use)
Plain Lazy (catalogue photography)
Sammy Barker & Celia's Vintage (stylist collaboration for shop promo)

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