Elly Lucas is a freelance photographer and designer based in Glasgow, Scotland. 

Her creative and empathetic approach, alongside a keen eye for detail, have led to her imagery featuring on over one-hundred releases on the music scene to date. As well as seeing her work published in a wide range of international media, Elly has extensive commercial credits and has collaborated with the likes of Weleda and Proper Music. Other notable projects include being chosen to document the incredible 'Lost Words - Spell Songs' project and featuring in an exhibition at London's Royal Albert Hall. 

When not working in visual media, Elly continues her passion for making music, writing for strings and voice. 



Testimonials / press / nice things said by lovely folk:

"A wizard of light! A joy to work with." - Jackie Morris, artist & writer

"Working with Elly is a dream. On location she’s so quick, fun and professional. Artistically, she’s a pure alchemist!" - Su-a Lee, cellist

"Elly - these are SO good! Oh my. You've such a talent with the camera." - Robert Macfarlane, author

"Just wanted to acknowledge Elly Lucas who did the photography for the album - it's absolutely beautiful! I love Elly's work anyway and this album is a gem." - Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2

"Every time I see a new album and I look at the cover shots and think 'Those are good!' or 'Those or innovative!' or 'Those are clever!' - I look in the album notes and I go 'Oh! Elly Lucas!'" - Genevieve Tudor, BBC Radio

"She's a wonderful photographer and fiddle player and a fantastic songwriter and singer, but she really does have an eye for a picture. You give her half an hour with someone and she's come up with these gorgeous images! But as you say, everyone who's anyone on the folk scene at the moment is getting photos by Elly and it's a great thing."- Lucy Ward 

"During my singing career I have worked with many photographers at various events, but I can honestly say that Elly has been the most pleasant to work with. She never makes her subjects feel uncomfortable and continually encourages them to act individually as well as portray her ideas. Kind, caring, professional and intelligent, I couldn't recommend her more." - Jamie Lambert 



Previous clients include:

Music: Spell Songs / Ralph McTell / Seckou Keita / Skerryvore / Manran / Siobhan Miller / Bellowhead / Martin Simpson / John Smith / Eliza Carthy & Norma Waterson / Jim Moray / Findlay Napier / Boo Hewerdine / Gnoss / Spiers & Boden / John McCusker / The Young'uns / Hannah Rarity / Heidi Talbot / Kim Carnie / Iona Fyfe / Su-a Lee / Midnight Skyracer /  Maz O'Connor / Peter Knight & John Spiers / Lucy Ward / Emily Portman / Lady Maisery and more.

Creative Business Imagery: Aitken-Turnbull Architects / Weleda / Emma Britton / Nova Reid / Terra Nova Outdoors / Snug Recording Co and more.

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